4 ways renders will enhance your business

July 23, 2022
Aaron Nabita-Welsh


The days of using stock images and generic copy are long gone. These days, marketing is all about telling a story and giving your audience an experience they can relate to. One way to do this is through product renderings. This article is not only geared towards marketers but it will also give you tips on how to use product renderings in your design and organizational process.

Boost your marketing

Product renders are a fantastic tool for product marketing. They help you to sell your product and communicate your design, vision and brand.

In fact product renders are now an essential part of the marketing mix. They're used to create CGI, visualisations and 3D models, which are then used in different types of campaigns such as social media posts, advertisements or videos.

Increasing business through your website

Using renders can increase business by helping you create an approachable website. After all, The role of your website is to present your company image and its product or services to your buyers , to increase the likelihood that they will choose you over your competitors.

Communicate future designs

Renderings are a great way to share ideas with your team, and they can help you visualise your product in a different environment. If you're planning on launching a new product into the market, or if you're creating a brand-new line of products, then it's likely that these visuals will be instrumental in getting buy-in from various stakeholders within your organisation.

As such, we highly recommend using this technique during the early stages of product development—when everyone is still coming up with ideas for how things should look! You don’t want to wait until everything else about the product has been decided upon before sharing these visuals with others; otherwise it might be too late for them to make any changes or adjustments.

Fast and cost-effective

The biggest benefit of rendering your products is that it gives you a fast turnaround time. In fact, depending on the complexity of your product and the amount of detail needed to create the image, rendering can be done in as little as a few hours. This means that you can get images out there in no time at all!

This is crucial because customers are more likely to purchase something when they see it in action online than they are when just looking at an image or a product description. If you have rendered images ready to go, then you have an advantage over other businesses who don't have this sort of imagery available yet and need it before they can make sales online.


We hope we’ve been able to show you how product renders are a powerful tool for your business. We’re excited about our work back here at AJ Innova and can’t wait to see how our customers use these amazing images in their own campaigns.